julia and rizca


Julia Bio

Julia was born on a wooden sail boat in Key West, Florida. She moved to Maui as a little girl and joined the halau (hula school) of renowned Kumu, Napua Greig, where she studied hula for 11 years. As a teenager she was introduced to ballroom dancing, and refined her skills through years of one-on-one instruction. Bachata came into Julia’s life during a family trip to Spain. The dance ignited such a joy in her spirit that she couldn’t get enough of it. Realizing she had found her niche and passion, she decided to study bachata extensively, returning to Spain time and time again for further training.

Rizca Bio

Rizca, an Indonesian native born in Bali, has embraced the art of dance all her life. She excelled in Balinese cultural dancing as a child, and later developed a love for a wide range of dance styles, including hip hop, reggaeton, dancehall, and Latin fusion. After many years of performing as a professional dancer, she expanded her roles to include event-organizing and teaching.


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