Bootcamp with Noelia

Get ready to elevate your ladies bachata styling skills to new heights with none other than the incredible Noelia Otrero at our Bachata Bootcamp Challenge! Join us for an intensive three-hour session packed with styling technique, body awareness, and passion, led by the renowned dancer herself. This bootcamp promises to take your dance styling to the next level. Plus, here’s your chance to shine on stage – attendees will have the exciting opportunity to perform live with the Doble Film team, showcasing their newfound skills in front of an enthusiastic audience. Come join us for an unforgettable experience! More details are shown below.


  • Day of Bootcamp: Friday July 12 and Saturday July 13
  • Time of Bootcamp: 3-5 pm (Friday), 3-4 pm (Saturday)
  • Entry Fee: $100 Add on (Need Full Pass)
  • Genre: Ladies Styling & Body Awareness
  • Performance: Saturday, July 13th at 8pm (optional)
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