Judit and Toni are from Barcelona, Spain. They have been in the dance world for many years.

Judit Jey entered into professional dancing at the age of 15 by studying classical and contemporary dance at the dance conservatory “Institut del teatre”. Later she upgraded her knowledge with urban dances, jazz and latin dances. In 2017 she began to dedicate herself to bachata professionally, in couple and also in lady style and started teaching at dance schools in Barcelona. She is currently part of the professional women’s dance group “Doble Filo” led by Noelia Otero. In 2022, she started teaching bachata internationally.

Toni Egea entered the dance world by dancing LA salsa and sensual bachata, but later he devoted himself mainly to bachata, as this was the style he connected the most. In the first years he trained with dance teachers such as Alex Arberola, Laura, Truji, Gloria, later also with Korke and Judit. In 2019 he took advantage of the opportunity and started dancing bachata professionally. Later he started teaching in dance schools and at dance events in Spain and abroad.

Currently, Judit and Toni teach bachata sensual techniques in various dance schools in Barcelona and at international dance events.

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