Alonso and Noelia first met in 2016 at a fun dance school in Cádiz, but their story really started in 2017.

At first, they were both dancers but with different partners and in different dance categories. However, something special happened, and they decided to dance together.

Their first big performance as a professional dance couple was in March 2017, and that’s when their exciting journey began.

Even though they began in Cádiz, they later moved to Madrid for more dance training and new experiences.

They believe in a simple but effective way of learning—try things, learn from mistakes, fix them, and practice a lot. This approach has helped them reach their dance goals.

Now, Alonso and Noelia live in Barcelona. They not only live there but also teach dance classes regularly. On weekends, they travel to different parts of the world to share their special way of dancing with people everywhere.

From Cádiz to Madrid and now in Barcelona, Alonso and Noelia’s story is all about growing, learning, and spreading the joy of dance wherever they go.

Spain National Champions (2 times) 🥇
Second Place World Bachata Masters 🥈

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